10:31 Youth

10:31 Youth is one of our ministries for children in grades 6-12. 10:31 Youth meets on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. The focus of 10:31 Youth is to equip young adults to magnify Jesus Christ in all that they do, hence the name 10:31 which comes 1 Corinthians 10:31.
Some more of what 10:31 Youth is all about:
  • Christ-centered Bible studies.
  • Mission oriented – we travel to various parts of the country to do VBS in churches needing help.
  • Outreach – we have several special events each year with an emphasis on evangelism.
  • 10:31 Youth Retreat – This year is will be on Friday, November 30th.
  • And much, much more.
If you are in a grade, 6-12, and desire to learn more about Jesus Christ and be equipped to be a part in furthering His Kingdom, then we invite you to be a part of something very special.

Cornerstone Kids
Cornerstone Kids is our Wednesday evening ministry for children K-5. Cornerstone Kids meet on Wednesdays from 7:00 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. Our goal for every child who participates in Cornerstone Kids is to know and grow closer to Jesus Christ. At Cornerstone Kids, children:
  • Study God’s Word in a Christ-centered way.
  • Devote time to memorizing God’s Word.
  • Learn the key doctrines found in God’s Word.
  • Play games and have snacks plus much more.
Cornerstone Baptist invites you to be a part of Cornerstone Kids.

Cornerstone Baptist Church Team Ministries

Cornerstone Baptist Church will carry out the primary ministries of the church through Team Ministries. Team Ministries are designed to allow the maximum amount of participation by the members of the church.

Team Ministries will be headed up by the Elder Team. Each elder will oversee one or more of the Team Ministries. Deacons will be called on to assist the elders in guiding each Team Ministry. Deacons will be assigned one specific Team Ministry and will be responsible, under the oversight of an elder, for that Team Ministry. The Discipleship Team Ministry will be the only Team Ministry that will not have a deacon responsible for its operation; the pastor will directly oversee the Discipleship Team Ministry.

All members are encouraged to sign up for two or more Team Ministries. Once the Elder Team has received all requests from the members of the congregation, the Elder Team will place each member in at least one of the Team Ministries of each member’s choice. This is to help assure that members are practicing their spiritual gifts and that the church doesn’t have people in ministries outside of those spiritual gifts.

Only members of Cornerstone Baptist Church of Kearney-Lawson Inc. can be a part of a Team Ministry.


Finance Team Ministry – The Finance Team Ministry is responsible for:

  1. the establishing of and handling of all financial accounts, insurance, and tax related issues; This may be done through a paid CPA if so deemed necessary by the Leadership Council.
  2. the accounting and delivery of contributions received to the bank.
  3. the accounting of all monies.
  4. the filling out of all forms related to church accounts and writing of checks.
  5. providing understandable financial statements each month to the Leadership Council and to be posted on church bulletin board(s).
  6. gathering information as needed to develop annual budget.
  7. will assist Leadership Council in developing any and all budgets.


Discipleship Team Ministry – The Discipleship Team Ministry is responsible for:

  1. Sunday School. All Sunday School teachers are automatically on this team.
  2. all adult ministries.
  3. all children and youth ministries.
  4. training of teachers.
  5. outreach assistance and mission work. NOTE: IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF ALL CHRISTIANS TO SHARE THE GOSPEL.
  6. provide the Church with evangelistic tools and means to carry out the Great Commission.


Property and Team Maintenance – The Property and Maintenance Team Ministry is responsible for the following:

  1. upkeep, maintenance, and purchasing for upkeep and maintenance, church and equipment. All purchases for upkeep and maintenance over $300 must have Leadership Council approval as do any purchases that are outside of the budget.
  2.  overseeing all custodial work of the church.
  3. upkeep of church grounds.
  4. ensuring that all grounds are taken care of during inclement weather.
  5. coordinating all church work days.


Hospitality Team Ministry – The Hospitality Team Ministry is responsible for:

1.         coordinating all church-wide meals.
2.         arranging and coordinating all church-wide, Leadership Council activities.
3.         coordinating meals for those who are shut-in, ill, had death in the family, etc.


Reception Team Ministry – The Reception Team Ministry is responsible for:

1.         greeting all those who come through the doors of the church.
2.         introducing guests to one or two members and encourage conversation.
3.         providing guests with church information brochure.
4.         helping senior adults who may need assistance, meet people with umbrellas when it is raining, help with any one who may have some kind of handicap.
5.         escorting guests as to where they want to go.
6.         coordinating accommodations for all guests as needed (i.e. if a guest preacher comes to preach then the reception team will coordinating in meeting all needs he might need).


 Preschool and Nursery Team Ministry – The P & N Team Ministry is responsible for:

1.         coordinating preschool and nursery workers for church services and events.
2.         by phone or mail, reminding those who have volunteered of their responsibilities.
3.         managing all supplies for P & N team ministry.


Secretarial Team Ministry – The Secretarial Team Ministry is responsible for:

1.         Church bulletin.
2.         secretarial duties as needed by the Leadership Council.
3.         sending out post cards to all guests and members who were not in attendance on Sunday morning.
4.         calling all guests to thank them for coming to worship…. For items 3 and 4, it will be the responsibility of Sunday School teachers, deacons, and elders in getting information to the discipleship team to carry these    tasks out.
5.         keeping organized records of all guests and contacts/visitations.
6.         ordering of all literature to be used by Cornerstone Baptist.
7.         creating updated membership lists, prayer chains, and monthly newsletters.