Oct 252013


We hope this beautiful fall day finds you all well. We have certainly had a busy and exciting fall!

As many of you may already know, we found out some big news last month – Mary is expecting twins! This came as a huge shock to us, and the Dr’s had warned us that it was common to lose 1 or both of them due to circumstances…but it looks like God had other plans! She is now 13 weeks along, and into her 2nd trimester. We had an ultrasound this past week and both of the babies are looking healthy and growing well. We had many hard decisions to make as far as her care goes, but with lots of prayer and guidance from our Pastor we have decided it will be best for her to stay in the states under care here for the duration of her pregnancy. In Pluma we are hours away from a NICU capable of handling a multiples pregnancy and the overall infant mortality rate is unbelievably high. So our current plans are for Nathan to head back home to Pluma by himself next week to keep Bible studies going, and Mary and the boys will be staying in the states in Florida with family. Lord willing, he will be able to return for a visit at Christmas time, but we do not have any of those specifics worked out yet. It will be a hard time of separation for our family, but it is a sacrifice that we feel needs to be made. Please keep us in your prayers, both for the emotional side of things and the financial side as it will be very tight with the extra travels, living in 2 locations and with Mary’s additional medical bills. Our Pastor has always teased us that we couldn’t be done having kids yet, because “5 kids is a quiver full”…well with these twins we will have met our requirement 🙂

Thank you all so much for your continual prayers and support. We have definitely been blessed with an amazing group of people to partner with in our efforts of spreading the gospel!

In Christ,
The Stanleys

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